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A Little More About
Kennedy Space Center

The Kennedy Space Center is a fantastic experience for visitors, that gives you the opportunity to see launch pads, restricted areas and the iconic Vehicle Assembly Building up close. This exciting tour is always a favorite with tourists as you learn all about the birthplace of American spaceflight and more!

One of the most interesting buildings on the complex is the Vehicle Assembly Building. This is where the Apollo rockets that carried man to the moon were built. This building is one of the largest buildings in the world by area, covering eight acres.

My personal favorite is Space Shuttle Atlantis with an up close look at the Altantis, the history and missions. Guests get an unclose look at the Shuttle, it is aww inspiring!


Something Extra

Living on the Space Coast of Florida we are proud of the impact the space program has to offer the nation and Brevard. At this point in history, we are seeing multiple launches a month with the privatization of the Space Industry. The rumble of the rockets are a regular occurrence and something we all look forward to.

Many professionals are moving to area to go to work for NASA, Space X, United Space Alliance, Blue Origin, Northup Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Boeing and L3Harris as well as other space related companies. Brevard has become known as the Silicon Valley for Space, with more engineers per capita than Silicon Valley. NASA, the military and these private companies launch rockets into space from these various launch facilities located between Kennedy Space Center and the Cape Canaveral. If you or someone you know is going to work for one of these companies I would love the opportunity to help you get to know the area and find the perfect home.